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27408 Dentist

Are you in need of a 27408 dentist?

At Chad Merrell DDS, your 27408 dentist uses state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods to prevent, diagnose and treat cavities. We emphasize a preventive approach to dental care, and recommend coming in twice a year for teeth cleanings and comprehensive examinations. Our goal is to keep your teeth cavity free from the start and to provide early intervention, for the most straightforward and effective treatment.

27408 Dentist

Routine checkups with your 27408 dentist, and maintaining optimal oral hygiene at home, are the best approach to maintaining a lifetime with a healthy, beautiful smile. Cavities are caused by plaque, a sticky film that continuously accumulates in the mouth, harboring bacteria that feed on sugar. The bacteria in plaque produce acids that destroy the tooth’s hard outer surface and form holes in the tooth’s structure, known as cavities. Cavities can occur at any age, however, due to lifestyle and dietary habits, children are especially susceptible. We provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments, which protect the teeth and are proven to reduce the risk of cavities in children. As part of your or your child’s checkup, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination, using diagnostic films, as needed, to detect the presence of tooth decay. If you require treatment for a cavity, your dentist removes the decayed matter from the tooth, cleans the area, then fills the site with restorative materials. A filling restores the appearance and function of your tooth, and is durable to withstand the force of your bite. Tooth colored, composite resin fillings blend seamlessly with your natural tooth structure, for cosmetically pleasing results.

Your 27408 dentist provides gentle and precise treatment to address tooth decay. At Chad Merrell DDS, your family’s oral health is our top priority. We make every visit to the dentist a stress-free experience, helping you to achieve a lifetime of optimal oral health. To learn more,and make an appointment, give us a call today.


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